Founded in 1998, PJD is recognized for its leadership and dynamism in the production and delivery of planning, architectural and interior designs, and landscape designs.

At PJD, we are a dedicated team aiming at generating, through our diversity, intelligent architecture while finding the balance between modern flair and practicality.

In the studio, each project begins by a concept, and then transforms into reality. We seek to implement the preconceived idea as a whole while still focusing on the smallest details. Thus we aspire to insure a perfect harmony between the interior and the exterior.

With every new project, we embark on a new trip. We combine our visions with the desires of our clients while putting our knowledge at the aim of adapting the respective goals and ambitions to the distinctive challenges of each site.

The PJD team focuses on coordination, cost control, and time management which enable us to provide the best designs with the most optimal solutions.

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